About Us

In the Beginning...Ruthman Companies began in the year 1912 as the “Ruthman Machinery Company”. Based in Cincinnati, the company serviced the steamboats that traveled the Ohio River.

In April of 1924 Alois Ruthman conceived the first sealless centrifugal pump. “We first considered naming the pump ”Geyser”, however the same day we decided to call it “Gusher” as this sounded more forceful”, stated Alois Ruthman, thus giving birth to the trade name “Gusher Pumps.” Also on that day, he coined the term “coolant pump”.

Thomas R. Ruthman

Thomas R. Ruthman In 1949, wanting to carry out his father’s tradition of quality and reliability, Alois’ son Thomas R. Ruthman joined the company. His driven dedication to creating a worldwide presence has brought Ruthman Companies to Europe in the 1980’s and Asia in the 1990’s. He has expanded the Ruthman product line from the original centrifugal coolant pumps to include valves, positive displacement pumps, tube cutters and shimmy dies and other specialized equipment.

Thomas G. Ruthman
Executive Vice President

Thomas G. Ruthman In the early 1990’s, Thomas R. Ruthman’s son Thomas G. Ruthman joined the company, continuing the same tradition. Maintaining the reputation of the Ruthman name by innovation and customer service, the company continues to expand worldwide.